Tune of the Week 2013

Wendy Anthony - Editor

Seth Austen a.k.a. Shana Aisenberg, once again, takes on the tune-meister role of choosing weekly tunes for us to learn this year ...

Tune of the Week (TOW) was started in April 1999 as a way of choosing tunes to learn on the mandolin & discussing how to play them with other members of CoMando ListServe. TOW continued from 1999 until 2004, reviving once again, by John Bird, in 2007 & 2008, continuing in 2009 with a focus on Tunes of Bill Monroe, in 2010 with some Heirs of Bill Monroe, & launched a new TOW version in 2011, focusing on a variety of mandolin styles - Thanx John!.

Note: Tunes are available as tef files in Mandozine's TablEdit Archives or abc text files. The tef link will take you to the TablEdit Archive Search Results page, where you can download the tef file by either clicking directly to open up the file in TablEdit or Right-click to download the file to your computer. You need either TablEdit or free TefView to use the tef files. See Related Links sidebar for information about using these files as well as links to previous years' TOW files.

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TOW - 2013

TOW #:  Tune Name Genre Misc Info Key tef
01: New Year's DayScottishJig (6/8)F -
02: Old SledgeOld-TimeTradDtef
03: Chinese BreakdownOld-TimeTradD -
04: Apples In WinterIrishJig (6/8)Em -
05: 28th of JanuaryOld-TimeTradAmtef
06: Ground HogOld-TimeTradAtef
07: The Lover's WaltzWaltzUngar/MasonGtef
08: GallopedeEnglishTrad DanceGtef
09: Bonaparte Crossing the Rocky MountainsOld-TimeTradAmtef
10: Concerto for MandolinClassicalVivaldiCtef
11: The Star Above The GarterSingle JigTrad SlideGtef
12: Irish WasherwomanIrish JigTradGtef
13: Adir HuKlezmerTrad D freygish -
14: Prelude Bach's Cello SuiteClassicalBachDtef
15: God Bless the ChildJazzHoliday/HerzogEb -
16: New Five CentsOld-TimeTradDtef
17: Jenny Ran Away in the Mud in the NightOld-TimeTradAtef
18: Bumblebee In A JugOld-TimeTradD -
19: Squirrel HuntersOld-TimeTradDtef
20: Lady Of The LakeOld-TimeTradDtef
21: Lady Of The LakeOld-TimeTradG -
22: Music For A Found HarmoniumModernJeffesDtef
23: Concerto for 2 Mandolins, 2nd Movement AndanteClassicalVivaldiG -
24: Nail That Catfish to a TreeOld-TimeRosenGtef
25: Shove That Pig's Foot a Little Further into the FireOld-TimeTradGtef
26: SummertimeJazzGershwinAmtef
27: Thunderhead6/8 - 7/8LarsenBPhr -
28: Wissahickon DriveReelCarrollA -
29: Climbing Up the Golden StairsGospelTradG -
30: Princess RoyalCelticO'CarolanBbtef
31: Life on the Ocean WaveAmericanSargent/RussellG -
32: Larry O'GaffIrishJigG -
33: Texas GalesOld-TimeTrad - 3ptCtef
34: The Cock of the NorthCelticJigAmix -
35: Hundred PipersScottishJigAmix -
36: Red WingAmericanKerry MillsGtef
37: Red BirdOld-TimeTradA -
38: Old DangerfieldBluegrassMonroeAtef
39: Sailor's Hornpipe a.k.a. College HornpipeEnglishHornpipeGtef
40: Wild Horses at Stoney PointOld-TimeTradGtef
41: Merrily Kiss The Quakers WifeIrishSlideGtef
42: Dark EyesRussianGypsy Jazz -
43: FortuneOld-TimeTradD -
44: Devil in the StrawstackOld-TimeTradG -
45: Blackberry BlossomOT/BGTradGdortef
46: Blackberry BlossomOT/BGTradGdortef
47: Seneca Square DanceOld-TimeTradGtef
48: Shoot That Turkey BuzzardOld-TimeTradG -
49: Turkey in the ShtetlReelShana AisenbergGmin -
50: Woodchopper's ReelFrench CanadianReelDtef
51: Chilly WindsOld-TimeTradGtef
52: Christmas Time's A ComingBluegrassBenjamin "Tex" Logan -
52.5: Green Green Rocky RoadAmericanFred Neil -