Tune of the Week 2012

Wendy Anthony - Editor

John Bird has launched a new TOW version in 2012, focusing on a variety of mandolin styles.

Tune of the Week (TOW) was started in April 1999 as a way of choosing tunes to learn on the mandolin & discussing how to play them with other members of CoMando ListServe. TOW continued from 1999 until 2004, reviving once again, by John Bird, in 2007 & 2008, continuing in 2009 with a focus on Tunes of Bill Monroe, in 2010 with some Heirs of Bill Monroe, & launched a new TOW version in 2011, focusing on a variety of mandolin styles - Thanx John!.

Note: Tunes are available as tef files in Mandozine's TablEdit Archives or abc text files. The tef link will take you to the TablEdit Archive Search Results page, where you can download the tef file by either clicking directly to open up the file in TablEdit or Right-click to download the file to your computer. You need either TablEdit or free TefView to use the tef files. See Related Links sidebar for information about using these files as well as links to previous years' TOW files.

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TOW - 2012

TOW #:  Tune Name Genre Misc Info Key tef
01: Breaking Up ChristmasOld-TimeTradAtef
02: Eighth of JanuaryOld-TimeTradDtef
03: Down By the RiversideGospelTradG-
04: The Snowy PathCelticSlip Jig 9/8Dtef
05: Forked DeerOT/BGTradDtef
06: Fisher's HornpipeOT/BGTradD or Ftef
07: Calliope HouseCelticRichardsonDtef
08: President Garfield's HornpipeHornpipeTradBbtef
09: SnowbirdOld-TimeTradDtef
10: Beaumont RagBluegrassTradD or Ftef
11: Blarney PilgrimIrish JigTradGtef
12: Sal's Got Mud Between Her ToesOld-TimeTradDtef
13: Kemp's JigCelticJigGtef
14: Foggy Mountain BreakdownBluegrassE ScruggsGtef
15: Elzic's FarewellOld-TimeTradA dortef
16: Booth Shot LincolnOld-TimeTradAtef
17: Deep Elum Blues a.k.a.Deep Elm BLuesBluesTradC / D-
18: Northern White CloudsBluegrassB MonroeE-
19: Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle? a.k.a. Ladies FancyOld-TimeTradEtef
20: The Woman of the HouseIrish ReelTradGtef
21: Shenandoah FallsOld-TimeTradA-
22: Black Mountain RagOT/BGL KeithAtef
23: Shady GroveOT/BGTradBtef
24: Big SciotaBluegrassTradGtef
25: Leather BritchesOT/BGTradGtef
28: The Gravel WalkCelticTradA dortef
29: Under The Double EagleOT/BGJF WagnerG or Ctef
30: Cherokee ShuffleOT/BGTradAtef
31: Silver and Gold Two-StepOld-TimeTwo-StepDtef
32: Crooked StovepipeCanadianTradGtef
33: Cotton Eyed JoeOld-TimeTradAtef
34: Bonaparte's RetreatOld-TimeTradDtef
35: Opera ReelOld-TimeTradDtef
36: Red WingOld-TimeTradGtef
37: Red Prairie DawnNew O-TG HarrisonAmp3
38: Ol' BobNew O-TG HarrisonAmp3
39: Autumn LeavesJazz J KosmaEmtef
40: CaravanSwingD EllingtonFmtef
41: The New LandWaltzO.A. TomasFmp3
42: Alabama JubileeOT/BGCobb&Yellen;Atef
43: Democratic Rage HornpipeHornpipeTradBbabc
44: President Grant's HornpipeHornpipeCarletonBbtef
45: Land of LincolnBluegrassMonroeAm/Dvideo
46: Big John McNeilScottishPeter MilneAtef
47: Turkey in the StrawOT/BGTradGtef
48: Fine Times At Our HouseOld-TimeTradDvideo
49: Done GoneOT/BGMatt BrownBbtef
50: Take FiveJazzDesmondEmtef
51: Brahms LullabyLullalbyBrahms  
52: Christmas HornpipeHornpipeTradBbmabc