TablEdit FAQ

Wendy Anthony - Editor

CoMandoListServe members have been using and discussing TablEdit since 1999. Mike Stangeland, and other transcribers, shared many how-to-do discoveries with the List. Here is a collection of TablEdit Frequently Asked Questions from Mandolin players. If your question isn't here, try the TablEdit Help Menu or the TablEdit Website Help section.

Note: Please be sure to download the most recent version of TablEdit and TEFview. Older versions will show the wrong octave in the standard notation of some music files.

TablEdit FAQ
Converting To/From Different Instruments
Downloading TablEdit Files
File Import/Export (ABC, MIDI, Tab, Bitmap, WAV, PDF)
Printing & Screen Display
Sound and MIDI Options
TablEdit As A Learning Tool
TablEdit File Submissions
Transcribing Music With TablEdit