Thanks to Anton Darby for suggesting a Jethro Burns section on Mandozine and providing a transcription of "Mack the Knife", done by John McGann, who generously approved allowing Anton's copy to be posted. The hope is that Anton's contribution may revive the idea of starting a Jethro library. There are already some transcriptions of his tunes in the TablEdit library, so if any one might contemplate contributing transcriptions or having a go at the tunes featured on the "Lessons with Jethro" site, that would be appreciated by all.

Jethro Burns

Mack the Knife - Pages 1 & 2 - PDF
Mack the Knife - Page 1 - JPG
Mack the Knife - Page 2 - JPG
Lessons with Jethro
Jethro Burns Exercise
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