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Lydian Scale

Ted Eschliman

I'm pleased to provide MandoZine with an excerpt from a book I am preparing for Mel Bay. Two pages of the book introduce a particular mode, the Lydian Scale (major scale with raised 4th), but most of the book emphasizes the physical side of jazz mandolin playing. My philosophy is fingers/ears/brain. The basic premise is introducing finger patterns which introduce sounds, then later, after a tactile as well as aural groundwork is developed, the theory or "brain" aspect has something to grab on to. (Theory is introduced last.) It's a terrific Right Hand/Left Hand coordination drill, and time spent on it can develop tone, and help address the "Flying Fingers" issue.

Speed - very slowly at the beginning, preferably with a metronome. I included a drum pad sound at the first note of the 16ths cell, for better rhythm counting. With time, as you wish, you may set it up to whatever speed you feel confortable... advanced players might get to it faster.