The Sound of the Modern Mandolin

I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Mix at CMSA Atlanta in 2000. During dinner, Peter expressed that he was impressed with "The Sound of the American Mandolin", by Max McCullough and Tony Williamson. He was inspired by the portrait they presented of the wonderful world of instruments produced in this country earlier in the century. It occurred to Peter that there was a need for people to know, and to see and hear, what kind of work is being done today that was inspired by those wonderful vintage instruments.

The Sound of the Modern Mandolin Playlist
Introduction - The Sound of the Modern Mandolin
Boots Imperial Mandolin
Duff F-5 Mandolin
Duff H-5 Mandola
Duff F-5 Mandolin - Extended
Duff K-5 Mandocello
Duff H-5 Mandola - Extended
Dudenbostel F-5 Mandolin - Extended
Newson F-5 Mandolin
Monteleone Grand Artist - Extended
Newson F-5 Mandolin - Extended
Newson Mandola
Nugget F-5 Mandolin
Old Wave Octave Mandolin
Rigel G95
Phoenix Neoclassical Mandolin
Rigel A+ Mandolin
Weber Mandola
Tom Mix Mandocello
Rigel R100 Mandolin
Woodley F-5 Mandolin
Woodley Mandola
Woodley F-5 and Old Wave Octave Mandolin
Woodley Mandola - Extended
Woodley F-5 Mandolin - Extended
Monteleone Grand Artist
Woodley Mandola and Duff H-5 Mandola
Rigel R100 and Duff F-5 Mandolin
Rigel R100 and Newson F-5
Old Wave Octave and Weber Big Sky Octave
Duff K-5 Mandocello and Tom Mix Mandocello
Dudenbostel F-5
Boots Imperial Mandolin