Home Recordings

These are home recordings submitted to Mandozine, hosted on Soundcloud.

Alley Cat - Milan Christi [Weber Yellowstone and a Gibson J-50 guitar]
All of Me - Kevin Harrison [2002 Weber Custom Bitteroot]
Bach Minuet No. 4 - Jerry Chapman [Trinity College Octave Mandolin], James Todd [BRW J-16 mandolin, serial number 49]
Bird Song - Paul White [Johnson MF-300, Taylor 510]
Blackbird Variation - Michal Elznic [Lebeda F5 1991 mandolin, Fender 5-string el.mando, ´30 12-string mando]
Bonaparte's March - Curtis Buckhannon [2006 Old Wave Oval, #366]
The Boys of Ballinafad - Brad Burns [Mandolin - 1999 Sawchyn A-2]
Candy Corn - Trevitte Brown [Mandolin - Custom built by Noble Brown]
Cedar Hill - Jeff Walker [F-style mando, Martin D-28 guitar, and a plywood upright bass]
Dance of the Autumn Leaves - Trevitte Brown [Mandolin - Dean Playmate]
Dawg Funk - Baron Collins-Hill [Fender FM62SE Acoustic-Electric]
Dawg Funk (Ukulele) - John Baxter [Kanile'a Koa Tenor]
Dawgmatism (Ukulele)- John Baxter [Ko'olau Spruce top Tenor, Pono Mahogany Tenor]
The First Noel - Brad Burns [Sawchyn A-2 mandolin, Sawchyn AO-2 octave mandolin, Merrill C-18 koa guitar]
Fisher's Hornpipe - Baron Collins-Hill [Fender FM62SE Acoustic-Electric], John Ayotte [Johnson MF-100 Mandolin]
Ghost Riders in the Sky - John Baxter [Kentucy Electric Mandolin]
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Brad Burns [Sawchyn S-5 mandolin, Sawchyn AO-2 octave mandolin, Martin 000-18GE guitar]
Gypsies Dream - Matt Morris [Mandolin - 2004 Micheal Kelly Elegante]
John Brown's March - Phil Good-Elliott [Old Wave A w/Oval hole]
Joy To The World - Brad Burns [Sawchyn AO-2 octave mandolin, Sawchyn A-2 mandolin, Taylor 555 12-string guitar]
Jump at the Sun - Joe Miller [1963 Gibson A40 Mandolin], Joe Miller [2003 Martin D35 Guitar]
June Apple - Brad Burns [Mandolin - 2004 Sawchyn S-5]
The Kesh Jig - Callum McKeon [Gibson Mandolin], Billy Green [Guitar and Bass]
The Lads of Laois - Risto [Mandolin], Matti [Guitar]
The Little Drummer Boy - Brad Burns [Merrill C-18 koa guitar, Sawchyn AO-2 octave mandolin]
Lonesome Moonlight Waltz - Brad Burns [Mandolin - 2000 Old Wave C# F-hole] [Guitar - 2001 Merrill C-18 Koa]
Lonely Lullaby - Trevitte Brown [Mandolin - Atoinotsai A-style oval hole mandolin]
Lucy in the Sky - Uncle Ken [1920 Gibson F4 and 1929 Gibson F5]
Mairzy Doats - Richard Taylor [Mandolin -1918 Gibson, lead and rhythm]
The Mandolin Blues - Ira Kittrell [Kennaquhair custom P2 Mandolin], Michael Rivelis [Martin Guitar]
Mandolin Fanfare - Brad Burns [Mandolins - 2004 Sawchyn S-5 and 1999 Sawchyn A-2]
The Meadow Flower - Atle Kvia [Mandolin, Tenor Banjo, Cello, Guitar, Violin, Melodica. All instruments played by Atle Kvia.]
My Favorite Things - Brad Weiss [2001 David Hodson Djangoln]
Night Night - Kevin Harrison [2002 Weber Custom Bitteroot]
Pretty Little Dog - Curtis Buckhannon [Gibson 1920 A-2 and Old Wave 2004 A Oval comparison]
Raining In My Heat - Anton Darby
Rataplan - MandoLindy - Mario [Martin Guitar], Jerry [Trinity College Octave mandolin], Dave [Flatiron mandola], James [Ratliff F mandolin], Allen [Eastman A mandolin], Barry [Kentucky F mandolin]
Ron's Smile - Larry Tanner [1999 Gibson F-5G]
Rudolph - Brad Burns [Sawchyn S-5 mandolin, Sawchyn AO-2 octave mandolin, Merrill C-18 koa guitar]
Sitting in the Stern of the Boat - Richard Taylor [Mandolin - 1918 Gibson A, lead and rhythm] [Guitar rhythm - Martin D-18V]
Soldier's Joy - Mark Majewski [2000 Gibson/Flatiron Festival F5]
Star of County Down - Giuseppe Villa [Washburn F5 Mandolin], Danilo Longoni [L'arrivè guitar]
Stoney Point - Curtis Buckhannon [2006 Old Wave Oval, #366]
Sunday Afternoon - Michal Elznic [Lebeda F5 1991 mandolin - Ibanez AW500 guitar]
Sweet Georgia Brown - Small Shiny Things - Kevin Trudo [2004 Michael Kelly Dragonfly], Chis Bauler and Ron Donavon [guitars], Jay Olaszek [Bass]
Tennessee Blues - Jeff Walker [F-Style Mandolin, Martin D-28 Guitar]
Tous Mes Amys - Phil Good-Elliott [Old Wave A w/Oval hole]
Unspoken Words (part 2) - Atle Kvia [Rigel CT110 mandolin]
Wandering The High Wires - Terry Lewis [2003 Gibson F9 (lead track), 2001 Weber Gallatin (rhtyhm track)]
Warmth of the Sun - Ed Butor [Kentucky KM-620 - Mandolin, Taylor 314ce - Guitar, Hohner Acoustic Bass]
The Way You Look - [Tangmo - vocals; Phil Close - Rogue RM-100 mando, Rogue RA-100 acoustic, homemade gourd banjo, Gremlin bass, drums]
The Way You Look Tonight - John Baxter [Martin Baritone Uke tuned as Octave Mandolin - GDAE] (chord/melody arrangement by Alan Howard)
The Way You Look Tonight - John Baxter [Martin Baritone Uke tuned as Mandola (high C) - cGDA] (chord/melody arrangement by Alan Howard)
Whiskey Before Breakfast - Tyler Rennix (11 years old) [San Juan Mandolin], Eric Wilkens [Guitar]