Chordette contains high quality Mandolin chord fonts and an application to manage them. Create chord charts, song sheets, or simply use them for reference.

Mandolin TablEdit Exercises


Key of A
Key of Bb
Key of B
Key of C
Key of C#
Key of Db
Key of D
Key of Eb
Key of E
Key of F
Key of G
Key of G#


Swing Guitar Chord - A to D
Swing Guitar Chord - E to G

Double Stops

Key of A
Key of Ab
Key of B
Key of Bb
Key of C
Key of D
Key of E
Key of Eb
Key of F
Key of G
Exercise I - Mike Zimmerman
Exercise II - Mike Zimmerman


A Scales
Ab Scales
B Scales
Bb Scales
C Scales
D Scales
Db Scales
E Scales
Eb Scales
F Scales
G Scales
Gb Scales

A Harmony Template
B Harmony Template
Bb Harmony Template
C Harmony Template
D Harmony Template
E Harmony Template
F Harmony Template
G Harmony Template

Major Harmonized Scales
Minor Harmonized Scales

Aonzo Family Scales
Scale Exercise - Ricardo Dias
C and Am Scale Shapes - Mike Stangeland
Scale Patterns for Improvising - G - Mike Stangeland
Pentatonic Scale Exercise - Mike Stangeland
Scale Mode Chart - Mike Stangeland
Chris Thile Scale Exercises
II-V-I Scale Study
Scales Ala Modes - David Grisman
G Pentatonic Exercise

Picking Exercises

Dancla Exercises I
Dancla Exercises II
Closed Position Patterns - John Moore
Kreutzer Exercise - Ricardo Dias
Pinky Exercise
Pinky Exercise - Soldiers Joy
Pinky Exercise - Whiskey Before Breakfast
Pinky Exercise - Fishers Hornpipe
Pinky Exercise - Liberty