Arkansas Hacker

David Grisman

In 1985, I wrote and arranged some music for an industrial film about Macintosh computers. Since I own a Macintosh myself, and do a lot of music (and other) writing on it, I liked the idea of generating some "Mac" music. Because the film was a mini-documentary about some Mac users in Little Rock, Arkansas, I decided to use the traditional fiddle tune, "Arkansas Traveler," as one of the themes. Combining traditional and contemporary elements, I thought it would be interesting to arrange the music for mandolin and synthesized sounds generated by my Mac and played through my little Roland MT-32 multitimbre sound module.

Here are the two parts, melody and harmony, which you can play with a friend on mandolin and synthesizer, two synthesizers, or two mandolins. Have fun.

Traditional Arrangement. Copyright 1988 David Grisman. Used by permission. All rights reserved.