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About Mandozine

John Baxter launched Mandozine, a web site for mandolin, in 1996. Mandozine hosts a music archive of almost 3,000 songs, transposed or transcribed for mandolin. In 2005, Mandotunes, a media site for Mandozine was launched. Ukefarm, a Web site for ukulele, was launched in early 2006, followed that year by Mandozine Radio and Ukefarm Radio. In 2013, John entered into a partnership with EUMLab to develop Chordtunes, a chord sheet app for iPad. In 2014, John developed Chordsongs, a free Web app for creating chord charts, with the programming and database help of Chris Oliver.

This site was redesigned and launched on July 5, 2014. Site design and coding was done by John Baxter, and search forms, search results, and database import was originally coded by Larry Tanner. Wendy Anthony has made major contributions to the TablEdit files, by adding keys, fixing files, and cleaning up the archive. Mike Stangeland initiated the TablEdit archive and created a vast number of the TablEdit files.

John Baxter passed away from cancer in November, 2018. Mandozine, Mandozine Radio, Ukefarm, and Chordsongs sites were managed and maintained by John full-time. He loved the community and that showed with the amount of work he put into Mandozine. The site you see today is no longer maintained and remains to stay online with donations. Please consider donating today so everyone can continue to benefit from John's tremendous work and contribution to the mandolin community.