Converting TablEdit File to PDF File

In TablEdit & TEFviewer, you can convert a TablEdit File to a pdf file, viewable in Adobe Reader, using the Free PDF995 Printer Converter. (The PostScript to PDF conversion is performed by GNU Ghostscript 7.05) This program was mentioned in the TablEdit Registered Users Discussion Forum.

Download the Free program from

  1. Download 2 files: PDF995 Printer Driver and Free Converter.
  2. Find folder where these 2 files are saved on your computer.
  3. Double-Click Printer Driver file pdf995s.exe to unzip.
  4. You'll be prompted to download coverter file. If you've already done so, Click No.
  5. Double-Click Converter file ps2pdf995.exe, to unzip.
  6. You will be prompted to Accept a User Configuration, which will welcome you with instructions for use.
To Convert a TablEdit File to a pdf File:
  1. Open File in TablEdit, registered version.
  2. File > Print > Select Printer: PDF995 > Print.
  3. Choose folder and filename > Save.
  4. Your file can now be viewed in Adobe Reader, and be attached to emails.
Note: These files are VERY small compared to the Bitmap formats, and print clear and readable.