Instrument Sound and MIDI Options

Different Instrument sounds/voices can be chosen from MIDI Options. As Mandolin is not a MIDI standard yet, Acoustic Guitar (steel) is usually used for the Mandolin. Instrument sound can be changed from the drop-down list in MIDI Options.

The MIDI Options can be accessed in different ways:

Sound Note: The computer sound-card quality will affect the sound quality of TablEdit files. Different MIDI drivers may also be installed on your computer; try using or installing a different one.

The Tempo can also be adjusted in MIDI Options by: Tempo Note: Clicking OK, will change the actual tempo of the file. You will be prompted to save these changes when you close the file (no saves in TEFviewer). Clicking Play, starts playback from measure 1, keeping MIDI Options open, to allow adjustments to tempo. Clicking Stop, stops playback, keeping MIDI Options open. Cancel closes Options, with file remaining unchanged.