Converting Standard Notation To BitMap File

Mike Stangeland

You can convert TablEdit notation into a bitmap file that can be attached to an email.

  1. With Tabledit running and your tune on the screen change it to notation only ("M" in lower right corner).
  2. Choose FILE then PRINT PREVIEW.
  3. Your tune will be displayed as a full page of notation. Check the spacing between the staves and condense them if needed so you can get the maximum number of staves on one page. To do this go to PRINT SETUP then VERTICAL SPACINGS and set "Between Systems" to "0".
  5. Now you'll have to start whatever drawing program you have, I use the "Microsoft PAINT" program.
  6. With PAINT running press and hold the "control" key and then press "V", this will paste your bitmap image from the clipboard into "PAINT".
  7. To be sure the file is as small as possible select IMAGE then ATTRIBUTES and choose "BLACK AND WHITE".
  8. Next select PRINT PREVIEW and check to see if you need to adjust the size of the image so it will fill an 8 1/2" by 11" page, if you need to adjust it select IMAGE then the STRETCH/SKEW settings.
  9. Name and save this file to folder where you can find it.
  10. Now it's just a matter of attaching it to an email.