Capo: How To Remove

Older TablEdit versions did not have the correct Mandolin tuning, resulting in all mandolin music played one octave too low. This was corrected by using a capo at 12th fret.

The new TablEdit/TEFview version 2.62 finally has the Mandolin string tuning and notation placement in the correct octave. If the standard notation in your tabledit files shows one octave too low, it is not the capo's fault, you need to upgrade your TablEdit version. The capo Does affects the fingerboard view, showing the notes up above the 12th fret.

You need to have the registered TablEdit version to remove the Capo=12 from the Mandolin module of a file. Do not remove the Capo from the guitar modules; this is how the quitar is played for these tunes.

  1. Access by menu: Score > Instrument OR double click Mandolin Module 1 in top right corner.
  2. Click Tuning Tab.
  3. Change Capo from 12 to 0
  4. Choose Impact: Notes
  5. In drop-down box, type M, Mandolin will appear
  6. Click Apply > Click OK
  7. File > Save

The next MandoZine TablEdit project is to finish removing all the capos from the TablEdit files. Many capos have already been removed.