Niles Hokkanen

Niles Hokkanen - On Fire & Ready! (Mandocrucian)
Jerry Rockwell & Niles Hokkanen - Into The Fever Rain (Mandocrucian)
Larry Rice & Niles Hokkanen - Larry Rice & Niles Hokkanen
Nordika - Nordika: Finnish Folk Music (Mandocrucian)

Appears On:
Michael Doucet - Michael Doucet & Cajun Brew (Rounder)
Jerry Rockwell - The Blackbird and The Beggarman (Wizmak)
Howard Levy - Solo Concert At Augusta
Stewed Mulligan - 2 Stewed 4 You
Stewed Mulligan - Repeat Offenders (Aarrgho)
Jenny Edenborn - Gathering Peascods
Debbie Reppert - Sweet Sunny South

Various Artists - Out On the Rolling Sea (Green Linnet)
Various Artists - Cajun Dance Hall Special (Rounder)
Various Artists - Cajun Spice (Rounder)
Various Artists - Capital Acoustics 2 (Institute of Musical Traditions)
Various Artists - Music From Augusta 1990: Concert Souvenirs #2
Various Artists - From The Pages Of EXPERIMENTAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, Vol.13
Various Artists - CoMando Sessions, Vol. I
Various Artists - CoMando Sessions, Vol. 3
Various Artists - The Best of Steve Kaufman's Acoustic Concert Series, Vol.5

BOOKS (*with cassette or CD)
The Pentatonic Mandolin *
Twin Mandolin Method *
Hot Licks For Hot Picks*
Bluegrass Up The Neck *
Larry Rice & Niles Hokkanen *
The Electric Mandolin - Niles Hokkanen & Richard Thompson *
Niles Hokkanen's Pocket Guide To Mandolin Chords
Niles Hokkanen's Guide To Mandolin Chords
The Mandola Sampler
Hot Solos For Bluegrass Mandolin *
Johdatus Improvisoittin (Beginning Improvisation) (Folk Music Institute, Finland) *
Michael Doucet/Learn The Real Cajun Fiddle (Homespun Tapes) (book)
Mike Seeger/Old Time Mandolin (Homespun Tapes) (book)
Mandolin 2000 (Compilation of various artists) (Mel Bay Publications)