Bruce Graybill

Releasing his first recording "Mandocranium, an Acoustic String Fantasy" in 1992, Graybill embarked on a lifelong musical journey in 1975. In his first professional musical venture he toured, as Lead Guitarist, with a Floridian Rock group called The Ebony Blue Show Band. Citing early musical influences like Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young, Bruce was introduced to the Mandolin in Bluegrass music in 1982, and has studied its use in various musical forms, from Jazz to Classical, since that time. His solo album (above) of original instrumentals, with Spontaneous Combustion, received many favorable reviews.

In 1993 Bruce was also recorded with Drastic Measures (Progressive Bluegrass) on a release entitled 'Live Bluegrass from the Heart of America'. This is a live recording that was made during the first Kansas City Boulevard Bluegrass Revival. Eight Kansas City area bands were recorded live during the three day festival at Jimmy's Jigger.