Using MIDI To Convert Between Instruments

Wendy Anthony

Doing direct conversions between instruments will often result in lost notes. One way to avoid some of this is to Export a MIDI from the OtherInstrument TablEdit file, then Import the MIDI for a new Mandolin file.

  1. Export MIDI:
    1. Open TablEdit file for other instrument
    2. File > Export > MIDI > File > choose file folder; default is same name > Save > Export > OK > Cancel.
  2. Import MIDI into Mandolin Module, to allow easy check of imported notes:
    1. Score > Instrument > Add Module > Instrument Name: Mandolin > Apply
    2. Tuning Tab > Impact: Notes > Choose Mandolin from drop-down list > Module Change 6 to 4 Continue > Yes > Apply > Close
    3. File > Import > MIDI > Choose folder & MIDI file > Open > click Tracks (to separate Modules if more than 1 track exists) > Import > Close
    4. File > Save As.
  3. To check correctness of notes, bring both modules up on screen:
    1. File > Options OR Click X icon > General
    2. Screen Mode: Check all 3: Notation, Tablature, Multitrack > Apply > Close.
    3. Compare notes and timing, adding or correcting as necessary. Save your changes often, in case you need to backtrack.
  4. Delete OtherInstrument Module when you are finished:
    1. Click the Module numbered box in top Right corner
    2. Score > Instrument > Delete Module > Apply > Close > Save.
Note: If the OriginalInstrument file has a Reading List, the imported MIDI file will have more measures than the original. The MIDI will import the full score, as it is read by the Reading List; the new Reading List will be from beginning to end.