Theme Time on Mandozine Radio
The Theme Time series presents various genres or themes. Choose the music you want to hear. These playlists are about two hours long, and you can listen on the Mandozine Radio Web site, or on 8tracks.
Learn the Mando Fretboard

Learn the notes on the mandolin fretboard. Movable chords included to practice finding the root notes and playing movable chord shapes.

New York International Mandolin Festival

The New York Mandolin Ensemble is pleased to announce that The 2016 New York International Mandolin Festival will be held this year from July 15th through 17th at the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, 331 East 70th Street, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

The festival includes concerts, workshops, open rehearsals, and a finale piece played by all festival musicians performing together as the New York International Mandolin Festival Orchestra.

Tickets, schedule of events, and information on all the participating musicians are available at Tickets are sold as Full-Festival and Individual Day Passes only.

This year’s festival brings together over 20 musicians from three continents. Highlights include:

Mike Marshall and Caterina Lichtenberg, who will take you on a journey through the history of the mandolin as it made its way from 16th century Europe to the new world of the Americas;

Snehasish Mozumder, an established musician in India, has blended mandolin playing perfectly with Hindustani Indian Classical Music; Mark and Beverly Davis promote new compositions for plucked strings, and recently gave the world-premiere performance of James Kellaris' “Slain by Somnolence” at the Classical Mandolin Society of America’s Annual Convention in Austin, Texas;

Tamara Volskaya & the Russian Trio, one of the world’s leading contemporary performers on the domra, a relative of the mandolin, with Anatoliy Trofimov on the bayan, and Leonid Bruk on balalaika-contrabass;

Jonathan Bélanger and Mando Montreal, whose repertoire is rich in original compositions and arrangements that blend swing and classical music styles into a fresh new, exciting sound;

The Improvviso Quartet, from Savona, Italy, offers an interesting program featuring repertory based on extensive research into the historical archives of mandolin orchestras and libraries throughout Europe;

The 14 Strings Duo brings together mandolin and guitar for a truly memorable experience; and The New York Mandolin Ensemble, one of the country’s premiere chamber orchestra groups – and the festival’s hosts. The Ensemble’s mission is to promote the mandolin family of instruments to audiences by demonstrating the scope of mandolin music, which extends far beyond its most popular reference points in the folk and bluegrass worlds to include compelling original compositions and arrangements, classical music, jazz, Brazilian choro, and Neapolitan/Italian songs.


The 2016 New York International Mandolin Festival will be held from July 15th through 17th at the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, 331 East 70th Street, New York, NY, 10021.

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New Don Stiernberg Album!
At music festivals,jam sessions, parties, gigs,and hangs, there's a saying musicians use after a particularly satisying jam: "That's a Good Number!". Good Numbers, a new album by Don Stiernberg, with Andy Brown and Jim Cox is a collection of good numbers humbly submitted for your approval and enjoyment. Included are standards, jazz tunes, and one original.
Learn Movable Chords
Learn to play mando chords up and down the neck. See the Fretboard pages for learning the fretboard notes to find the root note for the movable chords.
Mando Scales

Learn mandolin scales in all keys. Includes the chord formula for chords.